the brothers plad

Do you want that boy to read?

Once there were two brothers. They loved life and they loved adventures. They needed rugged shirts for their adventures. They chose flannel plad.


So begins The Brothers Plad and The Mystery Trout….a story about stories. It tells the quest of Tommy and Paulie, two Vermont brothers, who take up the family tradition of catching stories. Their quest for a story takes them into the Green Mountains, in search of their great grandfather’s legendary fishing hole, Angel Falls. It is a tale of daring, danger, and determination.


Not for wizards or wimps.


The Best Book for Boys

• Finally…a book for the boy who won’t read.
• Gutsy Adventure: No wordy wizardry or wimpy whining. Running, climbing,
fishing and falling.
• Vermont Critters: No broomsticks or video games. Darting eagles, coydogs,
beavers and trout.
• True Brothers: No prep schools or classrooms. Brotherhood, blood, sweat and loyalty.
• “Dad, can we read some more of the book?” Aidan, 9 years old, North Carolina…just waking up.


The Best Book for Bedtimes

• At last…one book they all will listen to.
• Older Kids: Plot twists, turns, and layers of symbolism.
• Middle Kids: Mountains, moose, waterfalls and worms.
• Younger Kids: “I wanna see! Let me know when a picture is coming!” Over 150 illustrations, kid.
• One Book. Twelve Chapters. Many Readings. Happy Bedtimes.


The Best Book for Bad Readers

• Why? Because there are no bad readers. Just bad books.
• Dyslexics: Written by a dyslexic for dyslexics. Easy fonts, short paragraphs, no wordiness…lots of action.
• Vopladulary: Words in bold, definitions in back.
• Stitchies: Graphic icons follow the story, and summarize at the end of chapters in a plad quilt…perfect for 3rd, 4th, 5th grades and higher.


The Authors

The authors are two real brothers, Watermelon Tourmaline and Hignus Harkaway. A Vermont carpenter and banker, united in a quest to get boys reading and fishing. They have succeeded in their quest, creating the best boys book available. It is not for wizards or wimps.

the brothers plad book

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